Cellu-cup Mini, specially for sensitive areas

Smaller than Cellu-cup Original, Cellu-cup Mini will sneak better than its big sister on areas that are more difficult to access. Silicone more flexible, it also allows to be more manageable and more adapted to sensitive areas.

Its favorite treatment areas:

• Under the arm (to fight the "chicken wing" effect),
• Around the knee,
• Calves,
• Inside of the thighs (sensitive and thin skin on this special area).
• And everwhere else of course… Even if for bigger areas (thigh, hip, buttocks, belly…), Cellu-cup Original proved its effectiveness.

For which use compared to Cellu-cup Original?

You would like to access to areas which are difficult with Cellu-cup Original ? (see treatment areas above). The smallness and maneuverability of Cellu-cup Mini allow it to sneak where Cellu-cup Original was limited.

You are afraid of pain, you have sensitive skin? Cellu-cup Mini is a special cup for "sensitive skin" or designed and made for beginners. Indeed, being a little smaller the skin fold and the pinch resulting from it is less important. This may allow some users to become familiar with the sensation and once they're used to massage and the fear of past pain, to move to Cellu-cup Original that will come to get the fat cells deeper.

Cellu-cup Mini is an exclusivity of Cellu-cup brand (size and unique model).

To download Cellu-cup Mini notice: clic here