Colorchange, our connected cup!

Magic ! Your Cellu-cup changes color when massage reaches ideal time (+5min)

With our new model "Colorchange" you will no longer need a timer, a watch or your cellphone. Spend more time massaging and less time watching the clock. The new self-timed Cellu-cup changes color when the desired area has been sufficiently massaged!

The Cellu-cup color change model, changes color when the affected area has been massaged for a full 5 minutes. So what is the benefit to the new color change Cellu-cup? It simply notifies you that your massage was affective.

Your Cellu-cup is still raspberry pink? Just continue the massage. Your Cellu-cup is light pink when in contact with the massaged area? Perfect start a new area!

Tip: To change the Cellu-cup to its natural color simply place in a natural cold surface. (Sink, Edge of Tub) or quickly pass it through cold water.

Cellu-cup colorchange naturally connects with you!

Patent Pending (France and China)

Indicative color change can vary depending on ambient temperature, humidity and natural body heat.