It's proven !

It's proven! A clinical study of 67 people in January 2016 was used to quantify the results. People who tested the product noticed a loss of cellulite and orange peel and even lost a few centimeters thigh.

Cellu-cup - Clinical study over 6 weeks - 67 persons

85% of users say they noticeda reduction in the appearance of their cellulite
82% of users say they noticed a reduction in thigh circumference
72% of users say they see a slimming effect
86% of users say they noticed a reduction of the orange peel
More than 83% of users say they noticed a reduction in the dimpled appearance of the skin
More than 79% of users say they've experienced a skin tightening
86% of users recommend the product to a friend

Centimetric loss, upper thigh:
+3 weeks : 8,43mm less*
+4 weeks : 12,12mm less*
+6 weeks : 17,76mm less*

Centimetric loss, 15 cm above the knee:
+3 weeks : 6,90mm less*
+4 weeks : 11,00mm less*
+6 weeks : 17,55mm less*

* average results. Test performed at home with a panel of 67 women, aged from 18 to 63 with a normal skin fo 6 weeks. Massage made according to the recommendations of the instructions of use and masage oil Cellu-cup (Test NF V09500). January 2016. Laboratory ABis.