Cellulite ?

Because almost all women have a cellulite problem, because diets and exercise cannot solve everything, Cellu-cup will put an end to these fatty deposits.

What is cellulite ?

To have a better understanding of the problem, you need to know that everyone - including men and even the thinnest of women, have fat cells in their bodies called adipocyte that are essential for a balanced functioning body.

However, in women, those cells tend to get overloaded with fat. This is due to hormonal variations, our genes, and also our lifestyle (inactivity, diet). Once overloaded, the adipocytes get bigger, multiply and get compressed in the connective tissue resulting in the infamous 'orange-peel' effect, the common name given to the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Are you looking for "before and after" photographs ?! Don't waste your time, you won't find them here ! We guarantee you can be successful but it will be your own success... And only yours, and not some retouched photo !

Is it for me ?

Cellu-cup guarantees results whether you are :

gynoid your cellulite is mainly located on your saddle bags, hips and buttocks
android you are broad from the top, especially around the tummy area
or if you are plump all over...

Cellu-cup is the only tool which acts upon all kinds of cellulite: fat, aqueous, mixed or fibrous. Don't waste your time trying to find out which cellulite you need to get rid of.